MBA 2019 Legislative Priorities

  1. Support continued efforts for public policy and resource allocation to effectively address the talent gap, including those for regionally-driven workforce development programs
  2. Support significant investment in Michigan’s transportation systems such as upgrades to highways, including continued allocation of previously-committed revenues. Necessary funds in excess of these revenues should be derived from new initiatives or programs, and additional tax increases should be the last option.
  3. Support local efforts to develop multi-use, sustainable neighborhoods
  4. Support changes in state regulations and issuance of alcoholic beverage permits and the streamlining of processes for local communities and the Michigan Liquor Control Commission to become more business-friendly
  5. In response to the legalization of recreational marijuana, support thorough vetting of pertinent implications for business, and adoption of relevant policies as appropriate
  6. Support policies and regulations that reduce unnecessary government regulation of the private sector, including the protection of business’s rights with respect to employment and compensation
  7. Land use policy that protects private property rights

One Comment to MBA 2019 Legislative Priorities

  1. John F Bunch says:

    I am very much in support of 1-5.
    6 and 7? What do these to statements mean? They could be used to cover anything including elimination of environment protection and minimum wage laws. Not good.

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