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Our Take on Marijuana Establishments

Townships, cities, and villages across Michigan are in decision-making mode, following the November 6th statewide vote to legalize recreational marijuana. Unless these municipalities explicitly state otherwise, marijuana establishments will be permitted in their boundaries. (These decisions have nothing at all to do with the personal use of marijuana; only withRead More

Governor’s Executive Order Raises Eyebrows, Prompts Action

We saw a little friction in Lansing last week, when the state Legislature voted to overturn the Governor’s Executive Order (EO) 2019—12. It’s the first time in 42 years that the Legislature has overturned an EO. Issuing Executive Orders and Executive Directives is certainly a gubernatorial prerogative, but at issueRead More

But What to do About Snow Days?

We’ve all heard speculation about ‘snow day forgiveness,’ and whether or not K—12 school districts will need to make up all the days they’ve cancelled for inclement weather, including sub-zero temperatures. You may have also heard about a bill introduced in the state Legislature to give the districts (and students!)Read More

Welcome to the State’s 100th Legislature!

The Michigan Legislature convened on January 9th for its 100th session. They’re already hard at work, meeting in committees and in both chambers. We’ve compiled a few basic facts about the state Legislature that you might find interesting: State Legislative sessions are two years each. The state’s Senate is comprisedRead More

Business-Related Laws Take Effect at the End of March

Late in 2018, the Midland Business Alliance closely watched the state Legislature’s actions with the new minimum wage increase and paid sick leave laws. We encouraged our policymakers in Lansing to pursue amendments that would both provide relief to individual businesses and protect the strong business environment in Michigan. InRead More

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The Michigan Legislature introduces 3,000—4,000 bills each two-year legislative session. Most of them wouldn’t impact your business, even if they passed. But what about the ones that would impact your business? The Midland Business Alliance is tracking them on your behalf! We even have software in place to directly notifyRead More